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Is internet dating for you?

by Bread Of Life on 20 May 2017 permalink
Is it worth your time conducting a conversation with a stranger only to find out the other party is not interested in meeting you face to face or worse they are projecting a false persona on purpose?

The internet is your oyster as the saying goes - but what sort of pearls are you likely to find out there? No doubt there must be some success stories for the manager of dating sites to brag about - but is it the exception rather than the norm?

If you are autistic then internet dating is probably your patch. For the rest of us who rely on non-verbal clues in our communication this is quite a bind. The voice intonation, the body language, the way people dress, the table manners and so many other details make face to face contact a rich experience.

Being led astray for too long by a stranger who is holding you at mouse length is not a joyful experience. One has to ask the question: Why would you resort to such an artificial social interaction if you live in a city? What has the person got to hide? Are you being groomed by a monster? Is the person hiding a major disability? Is it a massive fear of rejection? Are there loads of emotional baggage? Are we dealing with a victim of rape or incest?

What happened to the matchmakers of old? That is more to the point. Since the systematic attack on the family divorcees are shunned from social interaction. People do not entertain strangers in their homes anymore. People do not organise parties in order to get unrelated folks to cross paths. We do not care about someone else's welfare anymore. Let alone their emotional and social needs. Look at the crowds on the platform at the railway station. Do they talk to each other? Do they acknowledge each other as human beings or do they behave like animals with a herd mentality?

No wonder the casualties of broken homes are being treated like outcasts. The cycle of abuse repeats itself. More rejection causes people to behave in such a way as to be rejected again. They either confirm their prejudice that nobody cares about them by being rude or they are just posers as to blend with the wallpaper. Someone has to break this vicious cycle somewhere! If you are on your own practise the art of breaking a conversation with strangers - compliment them of something you see about them. If you belong to a group watch out for those hovering on the periphery - invite them in, make them feel accepted. The more you practise spotting out a newbie the more chances you will be spotted as the attraction of the party.

Give your heart a home

by Bread Of Life on 13 May 2017 permalink
I hear your hollow laughter your sighs of secret pain
Pretending and inventing just to hide your shame
Plastic smiles and faces blinkin' back the tears
Empty friends and places all magnify your fears

If you're tired and weary, weak and heavy laden
I can understand how it feels to be alone
I will take your burden, if you'll let Me love you,
Wrap My arms around you, Give your heart a home

It hurts to watch you struggle and try so hard to win
But trade your precious birth right for candy coated sin
Wasting precious moments restless and confused
Building up defenses for fear that you'll be used

If you're tired and weary, weak and heavy laden
I can understand how it feels to be alone
I will take your burden, if you'll let Me love you,
Wrap My arms around you, Give your heart a home

Take My yoke upon you and walk here by My side
Let Me heal your heartaches, dry the tears you've cried
Never will I leave you, never turn away
Keep you through the darkness lead you through the day

If you're tired and weary, weak and heavy laden
I can understand how it feels to be alone
I will take your burden, if you'll let Me love you,
Wrap My arms around you, Give your heart a home
Wrap My arms around you, Give your heart a home

Listen to this song from Don Francisco

Will you pass the boredom test?

by Bread Of Life on 06 May 2017 permalink
As we mature in Christ we are being refined in the furnace. More resolve is expected of us - not less. The devil is there to tempt us - to see if we would bite his bait. Or whether we would rise by our spirit to a higher level and claim the promises God has for us instead of settling in for the make-me-feel-good-right-now kind of cheap alternative.

For job hunting you wrote your resume - well and good. What about a spiritual resume? What about writing down on a piece of paper the date you were born again, the date you were filled in the Holy Ghost, the date you brought someone to the Lord for the first time, the date you had your first setback in the faith, the date you overcame sin in your life, the date you learned how to be led by the Spirit, and so on and so on...

Obviously you are keeping a journal of what the Lord is revealing to you through His Word. You have documented the words of prophecy that were uttered over you, not striving to bring them to pass - yet not twiddling your thumbs in idle expectation either.

The life in Christ is supposed to be a joyous adventure. - yet some of us are bored out of our wits; never bringing the fruit that is expected of us. We think we missed our opportunity. "It might work for others but not for us." Little do we know we are just around the corner from our final breakthrough. With the wrong attitude, that breakthrough is still further and further away. Dying to self is never a glamorous thing people would brag about. Yet the Lord is more patient that us in this matter. Joseph was in prison for no fault of his own thanks to the lies of Potiphar's wife. Eventually at the right time somebody remembered he could interpret dreams. Virtually overnight he was promoted second in charge in Egypt. (See Genesis chapter 39).

There are angels all round you who know what your specific calling is. Yet they are waiting for a declaration from your lips in order to move in your circumstances. We need to build up some solid traits of character - something that will pass the test of time - something we can take with us into eternity. To God, it is as precious as pure gold refined in the furnace of the vicissitudes of life. He is patiently waiting for us to cover the distance we have to travel to get to our destination in Christ. There are no shortcuts, no formulas. We each have to carry our own cross - not somebody else's. Don't be surprised at the tenacious opposition you are facing. Jesus told us that in this world we would have trouble. Just persist at it and remember that each day you are one day closer to your destination.

If you are bored, frustrated, disappointed - maybe it's a good thing. This can be the fuel to motivate you to action. Instead of thinking about your own big self, think about how you could bless someone in your sphere of influence. I can guarantee you that once you get used to that you won't get bored - ever!

Kodur says:
We are debt free except for our home which we are due to close on this month. We have been debt free for 10 years. My hubby & I are both self employed & when our home caught fire & burned 2 years ago, we lost our only way of making a living (we both worked from home). We were homeless & income-less for 5 months. Had we had any payments to make outside of our groceries, etc. we could not have made it. It's worth it, guys. It's a pain to cut things back & not get the stuff you want when you want it. I make our laundry detergent from scratch, we use coupons (massive amounts of coupons), we combine trips to town to save gas, we barter services (I am a photographer & often barter for haircuts & even dentist work.) If you focus on away to make it happen, you'll find a way. If you say Woe is me, I'll never be able to get out of debt. then you won't. Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're usually right.

Female repellent

by Bread Of Life on 29 Apr 2017 permalink
I have discovered the magic powers of a little device that keeps me safe.

It has come to my attention that some members of the female gender scan my ten knuckles for the presence or absence of a wedding ring. In case it is missing it sends them a powerful green light that I am fair game for their prowling adventures.

They fire a barrage of questions like "Where do you live?" "Do you have children?" "What work do you do?" "Do you have a generous health plan?" "Do you have a good superannuation?"

The deal is that they want to land a reliable source of supply in exchange for cooking my breakfast, doing my laundry and keeping me warm in bed at night...

Thanks, but no thanks...

I thought women wanted to be independent like men and do their own thing... It appears that only applies to married women. Those that are out in the cold have second thoughts about feminism.

I have known only one woman for 20 years and that ended up being a bad experience; a breach of trust, a breaking of the marriage vows, a broken promise. I don't think I can trust a woman again.

Now I am free of all home and family ties. My children have vanished, spirited away, abducted by their own mother and raised by an unknown step-father (who apparently does a good job at that).

Never use children to spy on what's happening in the enemy's camp. My past is behind me and I intend to leave it there.

I wasn't the perfect husband - otherwise I suppose she would have stayed. Yet again I thought we were in it together for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...

The thought of linking up again with someone who had their own past and picking up the pieces where someone else has left (literally) is repugnant to me.

There are good reasons why you should not interfere with a divorced woman - a good one is that as opposed to a widow, her former husband is still alive and may still reclaim her... Or else in a fit of anger, he might pay you both a visit with an axe in the middle of the night.

I am thankful my wedding ring is still here and that I have found a new use for it.

Fred K. says:
This is both pathetic and very insightful. Most men hide their feelings. Yuou have chosen to wear them on your finger...

Paul says:
It might not be very accurrate but it is an interesting post. A very creative way of looking at divorce though am sure the kids yearn for their biological father's love. Nice work:)

No such thing as a license to re-marry

by Bread Of Life on 22 Apr 2017 permalink
There is a very good reason why the marriage vows include a clause that says "till death do us part". In other words only a widow or a widower has the option to remarry. The text people today choose to ignore is this:

Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. (Luke 16:18 NIV)

You will face enough problems in this topsy-turvy world that you don't need to meddle into somebody else's family. Further we will all finish up in loneliness unless both spouses die together in a car or plane crash (a rare event). If that's the way life turned out for you - why not get used to it now? Do you want to become another statistic? The failure rate of second and subsequent marriages seems to increase in geometric progression...

If your marriage didn't work out and whether one or both are the guilty party why do you want to repeat the same mistake? You should realize by now that marriage is not for everybody. You had your chance. Just move on. Can't you see the freedom of not having any family ties? Why being enslaved again?

A woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the Lord. In my judgment, she is happier if she stays as she is--and I think that I too have the Spirit of God. (1 Cor 7:39-40 NIV)

Being a stepfather sounds like replacement therapy. Just like organ rejection in the body, children will smell a rat and reject you as not being the genuine article! And you thought that you would find love and harmony with a second marriage...

There are scores of good roles models where an uncle stepped-up to the plate and provided guidance and love to his nieces and nephews. He can do that out of sincere concern for his extended family without ulterior motives.

God doesn't negate His word and there will be a time of reckoning in the church where this issue will have to be dealt with. Then maybe the church will regain its place in society as a beacon of righteousness.

Phil P says:
This is quite a dogmatic stance but if you're looking for what might grieve the Holy Spirit in the western churches and why we barely see any miracles of healing - that could be the reason...

bergeroz says:
A license to walk in grace - Our faith in God includes him as the God who heals, restores, redeems, and as with Jonah and many others He is the God of the second chance. Job had a much better family the second time around. Though the statistics of wounded hearts and undealt with baggage carry a tragic litany either God is able to deal with and guide us through the storms - or His is not God. Our failings, hurts, sins, etc. should not limit God. The new testament covenant of grace is freedom and joy to live in obedience to God and to love one another - regardless of the past that is dead at the Cross of Christ (but not naive to consequences that need to be dealt with), and able to do all things through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.



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